We will notify you by phone if we cancel class or driving

If APS and other ABQ schools are dismissed early or cancel classes we will do the same


We feel it’s a great experience for students to drive in rain so they can get used to the conditions.  Our instructors are highly trained on how to teach them in these inclement weather situations.  If the conditions are so bad that the visibility is poor, we will call the parent and student to cancel and re-schedule the drive time.  Classroom sessions will more than likely still be held.

Snow and Ice

Classroom sessions and drive time will be cancelled by the school based on the conditions.  If APS cancels school we will also be canceling classroom sessions and drive time.  If they don’t, wait for a call from us in regards to the classroom session or drive time.  Or feel free to call the school for an update.

You will not be charged a No show fee for any drive time scheduled by Premier due to inclement weather

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