“My daughter learned a lot a Premier School of Driving, she feels educated about the rules of the road.  Her driving is getting better daily.  She also had a great time in class and liked her instructor.”
– Ida Trujillo

“Andrew enjoyed the course; he is doing good with this driving.  We liked the discount “buddy plan”.  He was able to bring some friends to the course.”
– Kathy Pacheco

“My daughter and her cousin loved the course.  They are sad it’s over.  They learned a lot, I make my daughter drive me everywhere now.  The 7 hours of driving really improved her skills.”
Imelda Chacon

“Marcos learned a lot from the class at Premier.  He is more confident on the road and more comfortable behind the wheel.  His cousin will be signing up once he is 15!”
Maria Gonzalez

“My daughter loved the driver’s ed course and loved the instructor! All of the instructors were very welcoming.  She is sad the class is over.  The course itself was smooth and fun for her.  I have already recommended the school to lots of other people.”
Barbara Perez

“I thought the course was Great!  I would send my son all over again.  He really enjoyed it.  They kept him focused, which is not always an easy thing to do.”
Linda Zamora

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